Gota Gota Band – ‘Show Me It’s All Right’/Loving You’ (1987)

Gota Gota Band

Gota Gota Band was formed in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1987 by Iñaqui Fernandez (guitar/vocals), Raul Kerkhoff (bass) and Bert Carlier (vocals) just a few years after Bert ended his band Cold Turkey.
Gota Gota Band operated originally by the name Stinkfoot and The Darling and was completed by Josu Garcia (guitar/vocals) and Nicola (The Darling). The drummer in this recording is Antonio (Antoniño).
The band plays two songs: ‘SHOW ME’ and ‘LOVING YOU’, both written by Bert Carlier and Iñaqui Fernandez.


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